The Weekender Chips - 284g

The Weekender Chips - 284g

Covered Bridge

The new and improved Weekender is this summers super snack! With a flavourful blend of Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Smokin' Sweet BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno all in one bag, your weekend adventures can now be complete. These short and stout bags are packed with 284g of chips.

Ingredients: Russet Potatoes, Canola oil, Cane sugar, Sea salt, Maltodextrin, Vinegar powder (maltodextrin, vinegar), Yeast, Black pepper, Onion powder, Spice, Citric acid, Yeast extract, Jalapeño pepper powder, Tomato powder, Green bell pepper powder, Horseradish powder, Flavour, Smoke flavour.

Albright Farms was formed in the early 1920's by Ryan and Matt's Great Grandfather Aubrey.  The traditional receipe we use to make our chips, dates back to then when Great Grammy Lela would make homemade potato chips on her wood fired pot belly stove with Grampy Aubrey's potatoes.

A new generation, Matt and Ryan started a potato distribution company in 2004 to sell the potatoes they grew on the farm.  In 2006 they bought the farm and later that year the idea for Covered Bridge Potato Chips was born. In 2009, the first chips rolled off the production line. Ryan and his 2 employees would make the chips and load the cases in his Toyota Corolla and visit local store owners to sell our chips. 

We work hard at Albright Farms and Covered Bridge Potato Chips to bring you a top quality and mouth-watering chip. We grow 500 acres of our dark Russet potatoes so we can deliver the same great taste year-round in our potato chips. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support! 

Covered Bridge family