Sweet Potato Tarragon Dressing - 300ml
Sweet Potato Tarragon Dressing - 300ml

Sweet Potato Tarragon Dressing - 300ml

MH Fine Foods

A unique flavour of sweet potato and the 'fine herb' tarragon. Tarragon is known for it's slightly bittersweet flavour with an aroma like anise. It is a popular herb of French cuisine. This dressing has a rich, tangy flavour and can be used as a healthy dressing for your dishes. Add it to any salad (mixed greens, quinoa, cous cous, pasta, potato, roasted root vegetables) or as a dipping sauce for chips. Cook with it: marinate chicken with the dressing then roast, or marinate fish then grill. You can also pour the dressing over sliced roast beef.

Ingredients: onion,sweet potato, water, vinegar,oil,spice,tarragon

Jamaica meets Canada with unique flavours. They are perfect compliment to any dish!

no added sugar   | no additives   |   no preservatives   |   low in sodium



It started with a vision. A Canadian chef born and raised in Jamaica, ​Malcolm Henry was faced with the challenge of creating and identifying his style in the global context of cuisine. ​Drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience, he has created a style of food inspired by local ingredients integrated with international flavours for a cross-culture theme.

In 2017, Malcolm was inspired by the demand to bottle his signature sauce. He founded MH fine foods and launched his first product, the original sweet potato hot sauce. ​In 2020, he opened up his first retail location.

Founder Malcolm Henry