Rosé Juice - 300ml
Rosé Juice - 300ml

Rosé Juice - 300ml


Ingredients: Watermelon, Lime (Both Organic + Cold-Pressed), Organic Fermented Lemongrass.

Tickle your tastebuds pink.

Hello, sunshine. I’m like a tall glass of water—only better. Think of me as your sweet, refreshing summer fling. Do you like long walks in the Beaches? Bellwoods kite flying? Parkdale patios? Me too.


I’ll follow you around all summer, providing much-needed hydration. Take heart: I’ll help to support yours with my bevy of antioxidants. You’ll see—I’m so much more than just a lush friend to have on hand for pool parties. (Although I expect an invite to those, too.) So dive in. You’ll be tickled pink.

300 g