Pure Cranberry Juice (500ml)
Pure Cranberry Juice (500ml)

Pure Cranberry Juice (500ml)

Black River

The cranberry is a powerhouse in the fruit world. Extremely low in sugar and rich in antioxidants, this very healthy berry is known to provide relief from and prevent urinary tract infections, is a strong anti-bacterial and can improve digestive health. Made from cranberries grown in Muskoka with nothing else added. Pure cranberry juice is not for the faint of heart! It is extremely tart, so many of our customers prefer to dilute it. Some sediment is normal, it's just the natural fibre of the fruit. Shake well and enjoy the benefits of this amazing superfruit!

INGREDIENTS: pure pressed cranberry juice.

500 g




Canadian-owned and operated, Black River Juice had its humble beginnings in the cherry orchards of Prince Edward County. Founded by friends and co-workers, Keith Wallace and Grant Keane, they began by working with local farmers to help them sell the juice from their leftover cherries to Torontonians so not to have any of their crop go to waste. Keith and Grant quickly realized that the demand for this pure cherry juice far outweighed the farmers' ability to keep up, so they bought a small juice press and some canning equipment and started to make the juice themselves. With the continued product expansion and flavour offerings, they bought their own industrial, hydraulic cold press and moved into our current home on Universal Drive in Mississauga. From there, the rest is history! We now have a bustling team, our product line has expanded to over 30 juice offerings plus our no-sugar added fruit juice spritzers and we can be found in quality retailers across Canada.


Founded by Keith Wallace and Grant Keane in 1979