Organic Whole Turkey - Frozen

Organic Whole Turkey - Frozen

Yorkshire Valley Farms

Average weight: 6kg - 8kg/13lb - 17lb

No need to scramble at the last minute or wait to pre-order your bird!

Our turkeys are the perfect centrepiece to your holiday dinner, and one that you can feel good about. All our turkeys are locally & humanely raised in Ontario with outdoor access, organic feed, and without the use of hormones or antibiotics. 

7300 g

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It ALL starts at the farm. Founded in 2010, Yorkshire Valley's family-run farms work to the highest organic standards and are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems. Their birds are raised on wholesome, non-GMO organic grains with no added antibiotics. They also have space to roam in modern barns with natural light and ventilation, and have seasonal access to outdoor pastureland. This more holistic approach helps reduce bird stress, allowing their own immune system to keep them healthy. And we think you’ll agree it makes their products taste a whole lot better too!