Organic Sweet Power Baby Food -  9+ Months/Stage 3

Organic Sweet Power Baby Food - 9+ Months/Stage 3


Benefits: Bones, Eyes, and Digestion.

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Apple, Quinoa, Nutmeg.

Sweet Potatoes are chock full of Potassium, Vitamin C, and Fiber. Quinoa is our favorite ingredient in this recipe, making it easily digestible, packed with protein and essential amino acids. Apples help maintain bowel regularity and are great for your baby's digestion. To top up this recipe, Cinnamon is a great spice for palate training, full of anti-inflammatory properties, serving as a great boost to your baby’s immune system.

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From local Ontario farmers to your baby's tummy, Amamil's operation is thriving for a sustainable world, while feeding your little one with real, whole, fresh, organic & local baby food. No sugars, no salt, no preservatives, Ever. Plant-based baby meals catered to optimize your little one’s development, available in different textures.



Founded by Lorena Valadez in 2020. 


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