Organic Pistachio Energy Bites - 40g

Organic Pistachio Energy Bites - 40g


Every bite of Nomz Pistachio Energy Bites is packed with healthy fats, protein and fiber, making it a perfectly balanced snack.

Velvety and moist in texture; chocolatey, nutty and sweet in taste. Handcrafted and coated in freshly chopped pistachios.

Bite-sized and easy to carry around, they make a great pre or post workout snack. No matter when you eat these crunchy little snacks, they will keep your body satisfied and your energy levels high. With no added sugar, these energy bites are good for you and most importantly, delicious!

organic · gluten-free · vegan · paleo · made without refined sugars

Nomz began in 2013 with our energy bites, a simple snacking option made with nutrient-dense ingredients and the belief that we could provide our community with accessible, healthy snacking options that taste good, and nourishes the body too.