Organic Nomzicles - 80g

Organic Nomzicles - 80g


A nostalgic nod to the fudge pops of the past, without the refined sugars.

These indulgent frozen nomzicles are our healthy twist on fudgesicles. Made with only four organic ingredients, they're fudgy, delicious and nutrient-dense. Just push the pop upwards and enjoy. No stick, no mess. If you yearn for fudgesicles but are looking for a healthy, delicious alternative, you're in the right place!

Organic ingredients:
Cashews, dates, fair trade cocoa, spring water.

Nomz began in 2013 with our energy bites, a simple snacking option made with nutrient-dense ingredients and the belief that we could provide our community with accessible, healthy snacking options that taste good, and nourishes the body too.