Oat Milk Cookies & Cream Vegan Chocolate

Oat Milk Cookies & Cream Vegan Chocolate

Sweetness Chocolate

A vegan indulgence for the white chocolate lover.

Oat milk white chocolate that is overflowing with vanilla beans, then mixed with finely ground cocoa nibs. Swirled with some Honduras 74% dark chocolate for that extra chocolate hit.




Founded by Michèle Bowman, a chocolate maker, lover of all things baked and sweet, of flavours and mad creations. She is a passionate artisan and self-taught chocolate maker, a dreamer of dreams, a sensitive soul and a lover of the chocolate life. With a sense of adventure and a little insanity, she crafted her first batch of Sweetness chocolate in March 2018. Several pop-ups and lots of encouragement led to the opening of her first manufactory, in a 300 sq.ft space in Olde Riverside in July, and a year later she is moving to bigger digs. The world of chocolate is Michèle's oyster.​​


Founder Michèle Bowman