Organic Dry Hibiscus Flowers - 100gm

Organic Dry Hibiscus Flowers - 100gm

Nuba Tisane

The large, showy blooms are a vibrant color on the stem and retain their color when dried. Alone or in combination with other dried herbs, flowers and spices, hibiscus flowers make colorful and flavorful teas.

The bright blooms are used in many different cuisines to make a variety of hot and cold beverages.In Africa, street vendors commonly sell a sweet tea made from hibiscus flowers, while in the Caribbean a similar brew is blended with beer to produce a Shandy Sorrel. Our hibiscus flowers are grown on the banks of the Nile, individually picked and dried in the Egyptian sun with the highest standards with quality control.


Nuba was founded to create an authentic, transparent and ethical brand, that reflects our rich cultural traditions. For authentic flavour, we adhere to our rich traditions, starting with the highest quality ingredients that are not only natural, healthier but also taste great. Nuba is an exotic naturally caffein free  Organic Hibiscus Tisane.  We freshly brew whole hibiscus flowers for a simple, refreshing and healthy drink. Based out of Oakville, Ontario.