Lemon Cream Ice Cream - 135ml

Lemon Cream Ice Cream - 135ml

Udderly Ridiculous

Using real lemon juice and our goat cream and milk base we created a smooth and tart ice cream that tastes like a lemon cheesecake or some say a lemon meringue pie!

Ingredients: Goat's milk ▪ Goat's cream ▪ Cane Sugar ▪ Lemon juice ▪ Goats milk cheese curd (pasteurized goat's milk, sea salt, microbial enzyme, and bacterial culture) ▪ Goat whey protein concentrate ▪ Locust bean gum ▪ Guar gum ▪ Sea salt. Contains Milk

Cheryl and Greg Haskett are the Udderly Ridiculous duo bringing you gourmet goat milk ice cream inspired by the zany herd of goats on their third-generation family farm in Oxford County, Ontario. They are on a mission to support sustainable agricultural ventures locally and globally. They utilize ingredients from other Ontario producers and 10c from the purchase of a pint goes to buy goats for families in need through World Vision.

Founders Cheryl and Greg Haskett