Kale Rosemary Crackers - 125g

Kale Rosemary Crackers - 125g

Earth + City

Made with local, organic juice pulp that would otherwise be bound for the compost, our crispy crackers not only reduce waste, but pack intense flavour while doing it. Top with your favourite dairy-free cheeses, spreads, and dips for the ultimate snack when hunger strikes!

Ingredients: Kale Pulp*, Flax Seeds*, Sunflower Seeds* Tamari*, Olive Oil*, Rosemary*, Black Pepper*


We are a small company with big beliefs about our local food community. We value every step in the whole food cycle. From seed to harvest, preparing to eating, we are FOOD FULL CIRCLE. Seasonally Inspired. Locally Produced. Vegan, Gluten-Free and Naturally Sweetened Prepared Food.

Founded by Lisa Sweetman & Cassandra Rizzotto in 2010