Fine Sea Salt - 300g

Fine Sea Salt - 300g

Vancouver Island Salt Company

A Sea Salt for all Your Needs

Fine (1-3mm) sea salt crystals are perfect for cooking, baking, fermenting, curing and cheese-making.

There are no additives nor anti-caking agents, just salty goodness from naturally occurring trace minerals found in the Canadian Pacific.




As Canada's first sea salt harvestry, we've always known that the pristine waters of the Canadian Pacific could yield a world class sea salt, but we were told it was too cold here to do so. In 2009 we set out to prove them wrong! Along the way we've developed techniques that not only made Canadian sea salt a reality, they made a more pure and better tasting sea salt! 

We harvest our sea salt with utmost respect for the environment and our beautiful surroundings. You know exactly where our salt comes from and that it's made with love by people who are truly passionate about salt making!