DECAF Rainforest Alliance Swiss Water Process Firefly - Brazil 2lb

DECAF Rainforest Alliance Swiss Water Process Firefly - Brazil 2lb

Reunion Coffee Roasters

Designed to change pre-conceived notions about decaf, this Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee grown by Daterra Farms in the Cerrado Region of Brazil can withstand decaffeination (Swiss Water Processed) without compromising on exceptional flavor. Firefly delivers a rich, buttery cup with notes of caramelized sugar and dark chocolate.

Reunion’s mission is to provide sustainable coffee, from seed to cup. They partner with farms and customers from across the world who share in their commitment to creating high-quality, ethically produced coffee.

Reunion operates a facility powered by renewable energy headquartered in Oakville, Ontario (Canada), and are a Certified B Corporation.

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Reunion Coffee Roasters (RCR) is a Canadian, family-owned specialty coffee roaster. We provide customers around the world with exceptional tasting coffees, including Organic, Fair Trade, Direct Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified varieties. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, RCR operates out of one of Canada’s largest renewable energy-powered roasting facilities through our relationship with Bullfrog Power. We are a Certified B Corporation and have made it our mission to use coffee as a force for good in the world. To do this, we maintain long-standing partnerships with producers and farmers who share this commitment, and who apply stringent and transparent processes to how they grow and harvest ethical coffee.