Dark & Handsome Chocolate Gelato - 473ml

Dark & Handsome Chocolate Gelato - 473ml

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Chaleur B's bean to bar Organic 70% Dark chocolate

Ingredients: Fresh handmade coconut milk, Organic 70% Chaleur B Dark Chocolate, pure unrefined coconut palm sugar, egg yolks, tapioca syrup, locust bean gum.


Non-dairy Gelato Goodness 

Besties since forever. From your first birthday to endless summers, to streaming marathons, to road trips. It’s a late-night confidant, the ace up every grandparent’s sleeve and the perfect complement to parks, little leagues, and front steps. You’ve been friends forever, so we set out to keep it that way with a non-dairy gelato that’s rich, creamy and pure– made with our very own fresh coconut milk. So, grab a pint and keep enjoying one of the greatest things in life, gelato!