Coffee Coriander Steak (2x185g)

Coffee Coriander Steak (2x185g)

by Amos

By Amos' Coffee and Coriander Steak is made with locally-raised, grass-fed beef that has been sous-vide in a marinade of rich organic coffee with notes of floral citrus-y coriander that is sure to awaken your palate. Sear this steak for a finished product that is steakhouse-quality. 

Sous-vide is an innovative French cooking technique used in gourmet restaurants to maximize taste and tenderness, that involves cooking at a low temperature in a water bath for a prolonged period of time.

Hormone and antibiotic-free. Gluten-free. Low sodium.

Package includes 2 pieces (13oz)

This is a refrigerated product. Consume within 5-6 weeks or freeze. More information on package.

Supplied by Amos, locally sourced within Ontario. 



Created to bring gourmet prepared meats to your table in minutes, by Amos cooks and seasons naturally raised meats to provide you with a quick and easy meal solution using sous-vide cooking and slow cherry wood smoking. Since our meats are all precooked and pre-seasoned, all you have to do is brown the meat on both sides in a pan or grill/BBQ and you can create a healthy and delicious meal in 6 minutes. By Amos only purchases our meats from small family farms in Ontario. All our meats are hormone and antibiotic-free and our beef is Grass Fed. We believe in sourcing the best quality meat from the best small farms because happier animals make a better product. In the 1970’s, my father, Amos, started one of Canada’s first artisan boutique butcher shops as well as his own unique line of gourmet prepared foods. He always believed in using the best and most natural ingredients available, and supported local farms well before it became a popular practice. I started by Amos and apply the same basic principles that my father did — using high quality, naturally raised meats and honest ingredients. His passion for good food lives on in me and in the entire by Amos product line.

Founded by Shai Bomze and his wife in 2012