Coconut Kefir Yogurt Family Size - 630ml

Coconut Kefir Yogurt Family Size - 630ml


Rich, creamy and effervescent, KEFIRKULT Coconut Kefir is the premium of all kefir yogurts. It’s wholesome and satisfying taste is unlike anything you have ever had. Each bottle is made with the purest coconut milk fermented with real kefir cultures. With no added sugar, our Coconut Kefir can be paired with smoothies, fruit bowls, and even cold-press juices! 


Our Coconut Kefir yogurt is locally crafted fermented with live kefir cultures. Up to 99% lactose-free, gluten-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients our kefir is natural and healthy with a taste that speaks for itself. If you seek out kefir, you must seek out this. Take that first taste and you’ll never look back. It’s that good! 


KEFIRKULT Coconut Kefir yogurt is a tart and tangy cultured non-dairy drink packed with protein, calcium, and active probiotic cultures.

Ingredients: coconut milk, kefir cultures, water


We're Lisa and Hudson. We believe that great health starts with what you put into your body.  That's why we strive to make kefir with quality, clean, Non-Gmo ingredients. For you, this means an excellent tasting probiotic drink that promotes optimal gut health. Just a quick few points about us: - Subject matter experts in the field of microbiology and biochemistry

- Previous experience in the pharmaceuticals industry working with high level manufacturing processes
- Passionate about our brand and our love for healthy eating
- We go above and beyond to promote what we believe in and understanding what our consumers want

Founded in 2018 by Hudson Liao & Lisa Tran