Carrot Cake Walnuts - 115g

Carrot Cake Walnuts - 115g

Jewels Under The Kilt

Fresh walnuts roasted with carrots, ceylon, cinnamon and nutmeg

Ingredients: walnuts, carrots, nutmeg, ceylon cinnamon


Jewels is a unique food company in nearby Fergus, Ontario with a beautiful Canadian story. Owner and founder Elisabeth Burrow had retired from the medical field two years before founding Jewels, but her indefatigable work ethic continued to burn within. Elisabeth turned a hobby into a thriving operation, all from a quaint farmhouse built in 1880 on a 95-acre farm. Originally, five nut trees were planted; shortly thereafter, 145 nut trees were growing; ultimately, there are now over 450 nut trees on the farm! In addition to being Canadian-made and Canadian-sourced, Jewels places full priority on the environment and corporate responsibility. The company is an active proponent of the #upsyndrome movement, as Elisabeth’s daughter Jessie was born with Down Syndrome – but it hasn’t held her back one iota. Jessie is now 18 and is the heart of the business and continues to help it grow exponentially. 

Burrow family