black garlic HOTTIE - 120ml

black garlic HOTTIE - 120ml

salt + MUSTARD

Time to bring the heat!

The black garlic HOTTIE is one that started it all. Part of our award winning hot sauces. (yes that's a humble brag).  It's a winning triptych of robust flavours bringing black garlic, mustard seed and habanero chilies together for that heat without sacrificing the flavour. How well does it come together? Think face-melting guitar solo as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It's a beautiful balance with flavour at the fore and fire you'll love. 


Salt+MUSTARD is a local specialty foods company with a focus on infused finishing salts and artisanal mustards. We pride ourselves on making everything in house and without any additives or preservatives. Everything comes from nature and is made in small batches which allows our imagination to soar.

Founded in 2017 by Olga Balicki