Bacon Garlic Rimmer - 140 g

Bacon Garlic Rimmer - 140 g

1858 Caesar Bar

Caesar Rimmer

Contains: Large flakes of salt, rendered bacon fat, brown sugar, Garlic Salt, Garlic Flakes & Spices

It all started with an idea! An idea to add a little more fun and spice to our Caesars, an idea to impress our friends and family and enjoy the most flavorful Caesars an idea to tantalize our taste buds and give them something "EXTRA" ordinary! The Caesar Cocktail is far and away the number one cocktail in Canada. And we are proud of our spin on this fantastic Cocktail, with over 16 Herbs & Spices, our in house brine, and with of course the Traditional ingredients, Worcestershire & Tabasco Red pepper sauce. We’ve taken the Fuss & Fumble out of making Canadas favorite cocktail, It’s now always consistent and elevating the Caesar to a whole new level.  “Find your Happy Place – 1858”

Founded in 2017 by Steve & Vanessa Walker