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We believe everyone should be a part of our local markets.

As we are all consumers, we look to enable everyone across Ontario affordable and proximity to our products.

We are looking for community organizers to manage pickup and delivery in their local community, as well as new producers to participate in our markets and local delivery agents.

Organize a Community Exchange

Annex Market is actively looking for value-aligned community organizers. Community organizers receive 15% of all sales, exclusive of deposits and sales tax. Community organizers also receive 100% of any optional delivery fees charged if they do the deliveries themselves.

There are no costs to operate a pickup/delivery location. The responsibilities include:

  1. Be present for weekly pre-packed deliveries from Annex Market.
  2. Provide orders to customers who order online and collect any empties.
  3. Optional - provide local delivery for customers.
  4. Handle any local customer service inquiries.

We prefer local organizers who:

  1. Operate an existing business or non-profit where people gather. Examples are coffee shops, breweries, retail stores and community centres.
  2. Have a strong relationship with their communities.
  3. Are organized and efficient.

For more information please contact us at or complete our contact form below (copy from Contact Page)

Be a Producer

Annex Market is looking for producers of all types to participate in our market.

For goods that are perishable (eg. bread, refrigerated and frozen products) we are able to consider new product applications for our concept store in Toronto at 718 Bathurst and encourage direct trade with local community exchanges across the province.

For shelf-stable goods, we prefer products that are produced locally and are made naturally / organically.

Producer Responsibilities

  1. Ship product to Annex Market’s central warehouse in Toronto. Annex Market can look to pick up product on our weekly trips across the province but cannot guarantee availability of this service.
  2. Provide product details including brand logo, producer photography, ingredients, nutritional details where applicable and product description.
  3. Provide price to be paid for product.

Annex Market Responsibilities

  1. Produce standardized label for each product.
  2. Provide standardized container for product to be filled.
  3. Provide weekly sales reports. Payment will be provided each week for goods that are sold. Initial inventory can be paid for upfront by Annex Market on a case-by-case basis.

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