Yellofruit™ Non-Dairy Frozen Banana Dessert was conceived around the dining room table as something that, first and foremost, tasted great and scooped like ice cream.  Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes set out to create something a little different, with help from friends, family, colleagues and experts in the industry.

Yellofruit™ is a frozen dessert made with an organic banana-base instead of cream, milk or other dairy ingredients. It's an alternative to traditional dairy ice cream and has a creamy, unique taste, loaded with fruit and flavour. Our three kids each have a favourite flavour and love to ask for it by name, whether that's Monty's Favourite Strawberry™ or Holly's Favourite Mango™ or Eddy's Favourite Chocolate™.

We want to make things better, starting with food.  Yellofruit isn't just for kids, it's for the kid in all of us.™