Crofter’s was founded in the Northern Ontario town of Parry Sound by Gerhard and Gabi Latka in 1989. At a young age Gerhard learned the importance of flavor and high-quality ingredients from his father who owned a food flavour and extraction company in a rural village in Germany. Their love of nature and a dream of creating nutritious, low-sugar, organic fruit products led them to Canada, and over 30 years later they continue making tasty fruit spreads with their family.

Crofter’s cares about people, the planet and craft. That’s why they take care to choose high-quality varietals of organic fruit and sweeteners from trusted suppliers around the world and responsibly create safe, nutritious spreads in a way that respects nature and reduces the ecological impact on the planet. Real change can only happen if everyone participates. They are committed to high-quality, affordable, organic fruit spreads for all!


Latka Family, 2019