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Reinventing the grocery store

by making local food and sustainable goods available to all at affordable prices

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How it works


  • We source our products from local suppliers and make it easy for them to distribute their products to you

  • We enable community-owned low-cost markets that allow you to pick up your order or have it delivered to your home

  • We only use refillable containers that eliminate packaging waste

  • The cost savings achieved by eliminating marketing, packaging and long haul transport is passed on to producers (we're targeting 50% of retail price) and customers (lower than wholesale price, in some cases)

For Producers

  • Simplified access to larger markets

  • Fair trade -- no middleman means you keep more profit

  • Reusable containers lower your production and distribution cost

For Market Owners

  • Start-up costs for local market operators as low as $1,000 with no downside risk and a generous revenue share

  • Partner with community members or groups to create localized markets

 For Customers

  • Access to goods from local producers, all vetted and selected by AnnexMarket

  • Reusable packaging means lower prices while contributing to environmental sustainability